WMA Courses in 2021 at Taos Ski Valley

Thank you very much for registering to take a course with us.  We look forward to teaching you wilderness medicine.


The classes will run from 8 am to 6 pm every day.


Taos Ski Valley is 19 miles from the center of Taos, 15 miles from where Highway 150 begins. Allow 30 minutes to get to the parking lot from Town.

We will be teaching at the Resort Center at the base of chairlift #1.  The classroom is in Tenderfoot Katies (the cafeteria)–which is through the main doors of the building (The Resort Center) to the right of the entrance to Rhoda’s Restaurant.   This location gives us the most room to distance the tables.

The GPS Coordinates are: 36.5948160, -105.4492972

Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/trqvSYrwRsDehe279


Drive as high up in the parking lot to where you get to the buildings. Park there and then walk up canyon around the buildings on the right to a plaza where you can see the ski lift/mt on the right. Walk through the plaza to the base of the lift and the class will be in the building to the left. It will probably take you 5-10 minutes to get from the parking lot to the classroom, so plan appropriately.


We are conducting the class at Taos Ski Valley because they have facilities that are large enough for the social distancing we need.    It is high, 9,200 ft, likely higher than the altitude at which many of you live or work.   Altitude illness/discomfort is a definite possibility but can be mitigated by limiting exertion and drinking considerably more water than you’re used to.

COVID Pledge

I promise to:

  • Comply with current New Mexico Public Health Order
  • Properly wear my appropriate face-covering whenever I am in public, both indoors and outdoors
  • Keep six feet of distance with others whenever possible
  • Be screened every day before starting class
  • Stay home if I am feeling sick or having any COVID symptoms
  • Wash or sanitize my hands frequently and be extra attentive to cleaning and hygiene standards
  • Be smart and use common sense outside of class to avoid any exposure and possible spread of COVID
  • Avoid super spreader events and locations like bars, parties, and large public gatherings
  • Have a great class focused on my personal wellness (both physical and mental) to manage through these unprecedented times and to reduce the spread of viruses

Things To Bring


We will be at 9,200′ and it will almost definitely snow at least once. We will be ventilating the room with fans so the classroom may be cold also.

  • Clothing appropriate to the weather.  We will be outdoors as much as possible within the curriculum and will train snow or sunshine.  We recommend a wind/waterproof jacket of some kind.  The classroom can be a little chilly in the morning so you may want to bring fleece/wool/warmies/etc.
  • Sturdy walking shoes/boots.  There will likely still be snow, and the scenarios and simulations may be outside.  You may be required to transport patients through a variety of terrain.
  • Clothing that can get dirty.  You will be outside and we conduct hi-fidelity simulations complete with simulated blood (and other unsavories).  Expect to get a little dirty… 🙂


As we are in the Ski Valley during the off-season, there will not be any lunch options, and unfortunately, we will not have a long enough lunch break to head back down into town.  We will generally plan for lunch from 12:30-13:30.

There may not be any purchasable food at the ski area. If that changes we’ll let you know but for now plan to bring all the snacks, lunch, drinks, etc. that you want. We will try and have hot water available but that may not be true (Covid concerns).

Optional (but useful)

  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Extra socks
  • Hat


Indoor bathrooms will be available on-site… 🙂