Wilderness First Responder, Taos NM, April 12-18, 2023


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2023 Dates:

April 12th to April 18th

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Are you a professional or leader that works in an outdoor or low-resource environment?  Are you more than two hours away from definitive medical care?  If so, the Wilderness First Responder (WFR) Course is for you!

The Wilderness First Responder Course is medical training for anyone that works in remote areas (which includes Search and Rescue teams, Military, Disaster Relief Personnel, Outdoor Educators, Guides, Trip Leaders, and anyone that wants to be able to manage medical emergencies in an austere environment). While the course is focused on the practical application of skills, students will be introduced to detailed background knowledge and medical terminology.

The knowledge gained from this class will impart the student with the basic skills and background knowledge to be able to assess and manage medical issues in the backcountry (and many other limited resource environments).

The lead instructor has been presenting these courses in beautiful Taos New Mexico for 30 years.  The course will be conducted in a COVID safe manner with multiple,
very experienced, instructors.

Course Content

The Wilderness First Responder curriculum is written in-house by a team of remote medical rescue researchers and professionals. Ongoing evidence based research and review contributes to a unique and innovative approach to patient care in backcountry and austere settings. The curriculum is comprehensive, complete, and kept current on an annual basis. This is the most current and cutting edge course of any first response medical training (urban or remote) in the world.

  • The General Principles of Wilderness and Rescue Medicine with an emphasis on the prevention and identification of medical emergencies, appropriate technology, and risk management.
  • Patient assessment and emergency care including CPR, basic Life support, and the emergency treatment of anaphylaxis and asthma.
  • Environmental Medicine including altitude illness, hypothermia and heat illness, frostbite and cold injury, lightning, submersion, and environmental toxins.
  • Backcountry Medicine including the assessment and treatment of common medical problems.
  • Musculoskeletal Problems including unstable and stable injuries overuse syndromes, and dislocations.
  • Wound management including open fractures, lacerations, burns and blisters.
  • Practical skills including splinting, bandaging, litter packaging and medical kit preparation.
  • WMA International Wilderness Protocols including wound cleaning and exploration, spine injury assessment, dislocation reduction, CPR in the remote setting, and anaphylaxis and asthma.


WMAI Wilderness First Responder
Course Dates: April 12 – 18, 2023
Course Hours: 8am – 5pm


Class will be at Quail Ridge: 88 Ski Valley Rd, Taos, NM 87571

What to bring

Clothing appropriate to the weather. We will be outdoors as much as possible within the curriculum and will train snow or sunshine. We recommend a wind/waterproof jacket of some kind. The classroom can be a little chilly in the morning so you may want to bring fleece/wool/warmies/etc.
Sit Pad/Closed-cell foam/Thermarest. As a simulated patient you will frequently be sitting or laying on the ground which could be wet or muddy.
Sturdy walking shoes/boots. There might be snow/wet ground, and the scenarios and simulations may be outside. You may be required to transport patients through a variety of terrain.
Clothing that can get dirty. You will be outside and we conduct hi-fidelity simulations complete with simulated blood (and other unsavories). Expect to get a little dirty… Sim blood will eventually wash out… 🙂
One set of destructible clothing–old shirts, pants, etc. Something you do not mind getting damaged or cut. We will use this during scenarios.
Any gear you wear or carry during your daily operations. e.g. If you are a wildland firefighter, bring your PPE and pack, etc. You do not need to show up in this to class–we may incorporate it into a scenario.
Optional (but useful): Sunscreen, Sunglasses, Extra socks, Gloves, Hat (ball cap, wooly)


We are about 5-10 minutes from Taos and there are plenty of great food options close by. We will generally plan for lunch from 12:00-13:00. There will not be a fridge on-site.

Plan to bring all the snacks, drinks, etc. that you want.

Health Pledge

I promise to: 

• Comply with current New Mexico Public Health Order
• Stay home if I am feeling sick or having any symptoms of illness
• Wash or sanitize my hands frequently and be extra attentive to cleaning and hygiene standards
• Be smart and use common sense outside of class to avoid any exposure and possible spread of colds
• Have a great class focused on my personal wellness (both physical and mental).